Thursday, June 13, 2024

The A Frame (2024) Tribeca 2024

Alleged science fiction comedy has no laughs, no suspense and  reason to exist, this film is one of dullest films ever to play Tribeca and had a writer turn to me about an hour in and plead for me to kill him.

The plot has a mad physicist coming up with means to move matter across dimensions and space. One of the side effects is it cures cancer by removing it. He gets hooked up with cancer patients in the hope of a big break through... clearly he never saw THE FLY.

How this was picked by both the Tribeca film fest and the Brooklyn Horror fest is beyond me. Outside of the gory side effect of using the portal there is nothing here we haven;t seen before. It is miles below their normal standards and is so awful I want nothing to do with anything Brooklyn programs this year or the rest of Tribeca's Midnight section.

It's a half hour of some bad TV scifi anthology stretched to 80 minutes. There are no surprises because it does every thing we've seen before in the least interesting way.

Worse nothing in it makes sense. Things happen because. The mad doctor knows things because its the only way things will work.

Looking up the film on the Tribeca web site I saw it listed as a comedy. In what realm? This maybe the least funny comedies ever made.  This was the most crowded and most silent P&I screening at Tribeca. No one made a sound- except for a plea of euthanasia. (Yes it really happened)

A useless film, it should be skipped.

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