Sunday, June 16, 2024

KILL (2023) Tribeca 2024

Largely plotless film has a special forces commando and his buddy traveling on a train so he can be with the woman he loves. Things go sideways when bandits attempt to rob the passengers en route and an endless battle up and down the train cars results.

Brutal, ugly and lacking completely in any suspense outside of whether our hero will be alive at the end, this film is pretty much a 90 minute fight scene.  It's full of blood and gore and gruesome kills.  There are no characters only fodder to be carved up. The result is a tale where I was never invested.

Yes the violence is nonstop andt there are some kills that make you react, but outside of that there isn't anything to keep our interest.

It doesn't help that the film takes the action film trope that the hero can't get hurt that bad to a ridiculous level as he's stabbed, slashed, knocked unconscious and beaten almost to death over and over again- more than any other action hero that I ever remember seeing - it never really affects him. Indeed some wounds, such as the slash to his hand as a knife blade  he was holding is pulled away are never referenced after they happen.

Yea it's kind of fun while it's on but mostly you're going to want something meatier and smarter when it's done.

A disappointment.

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