Thursday, June 20, 2024

How I Faked My Life with AI (2024) Tribeca 2024


Filmmaker Kyle Vorbach begins to fake his life with AI to fill time and then it gets of of hand.

A diametrically opposed look at AI as seen another Tribeca film THE THINKING GAME, this is a warts and all, and  in the trenches look at what one guy is doing with AI and how it caused problems. (THE THINKING GAME is a look at AI where everything is hunky-dory) It's a film that raises a lot of questions that we need to consider now that AI is here to stay- most importantly the question about what is real and trust worthy now that everything can be faked. This is a film I applaud for daring to ask a lot of uncomfortable questions that need to be asked.

The problem with the film is that it there is a lot here and the film flies through its 97 minutes at speed barely pausing to take a breath. That's all well and good but I started to step away from the film because I needed to process what I'm seeing. This is kind of like being stuck with a fast talking car salesman with whom you you are going over the leasing contract. I want to think about what I'm signing.

Meaty presentation aside I really liked this film a great deal and if you have any concern about AI his film is a must.

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