Sunday, June 30, 2024

Scars Unseen (2024)Dances with Films

This is a portrait of three women and their experience dealing with domestic abuse. It is not just husband on wife but familial abuse of parents against children. There is also an exploration of how some societies allows abuse of women and the weak.

I usually complain about a film being presented in a run of the mill way, but soume times it works. SCARS UNSEEN isn't anything flashy. It is, as I said, run of the mill, but it works. It works because the film is built around the three women just sitting and telling their stories. Yes there are some other voices and some other sequences but the majority of of the film is just the stories.

And the stories are powerful. Told clear eyed and detailed the women tell us everything we need to know (including getting a crash course in the violence in Yemeni society) so that the stories don't just highlight the stories being told but indicting the society that nurtures the violence. It's a simple but effective.

This is good stuff and an important film.


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