Saturday, June 29, 2024

Delicate Arch (2024) Dances with Films 2024

A group of friends go into the desert instead of a lake to escape an potentially dangerous occurrence call "The Inversion". They plan on hanging out until the all clear talking, partying and maybe making a movie. However almost immediately it becomes clear that they aren't in Kansas and there is something out there.

There is part of me that wants to discuss the WTF nature of some of this film and the rest of me wants to just keep my mouth shut and let you be like me and walk blind into it. I was sent the film by a friend who said I should see this film because it was a small little film that needed to find the right audience. Having watched the film without reading on it at all, I completely agree.

While I am not going to say a great deal on the film, you too need to see this film the first time knowing as little as possible, I would like to say a couple of things. First don't let the film seeming to be like other films at first fool you, this film is going somewhere, stay with it. Secondly expect your expectations to be used against you. Lastly just go with it because it gets...weird.

Wonderfully its own thing DELICATE ARCH is not your typical film and we are better for it. Refusing to follow convention its a film that may not always work but keeps us engaged by doing the unexpected and refusing to explain everything. Its a film that knows the people who will like this most are the once most willing to go with it and forgive the odd burp. As a result it is more willing to take chances most other films would never attempt.

While this will not be fore everyone, adventurous film fans and those who don't want a typical Hollywood film (Hello Unseen Films readers) this film is for you.

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