Sunday, June 16, 2024

SOME RAIN MUST FALL (2024) Tribeca 2024

The same blank look on everyone's face makes it impossible to read any emotion

A woman accidentally injures the grandmother of her daughters less wealthy classmate. This sends her off in unexpected directions.

Pretentious art house film won a special jury award at Tribeca. I'm not sure how or why since this film was a dull endurance test of the worst sort.  It's a deliberately constructed and filmed story that leaves too much unsaid and too much off screen.  

It might have  been something but the film insists on keeping us on the outside of everything. Almost every shot is at a distance. We never really see anyone's face and when we do the faces are blank and emotionless. Too much isn't shown or doesn't make any  sense. For example the accident, involving a basketball tossed off screen, doesn't seem to have been possible with  the ball being gently thrown thrown, or at no least nowhere near hard enough to put anyone into a coma, and it was.thrown toward players on the court and not where spectators were. 

I struggled to finish the film.

Not worth your time

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