Monday, June 24, 2024

Tallywacker (2023) Dances With FIlms 2024

This is a repost of my review which ran when the film played Dances With Films New York

Jeremy Dubs and Chris Goodwin play versions of themselves in TALLYWACKER, the story of two friends in the titled band, who find their friendship is tested when one of them is asked to go on the road with a well known star.

TALLYWACKER is the best film that I've seen from this year's Dances With Films New York. It's also one of the great finds of the year. Full of great music, witty lines and characters you want to give a hug to despite of their being dicks. I smiled from start to finish.

Dubs and Goodwin make a winning pair. They have the ease with each other that only good friends have. You feel it bleeding off the screen. It doesn't seem like acting. Actually the whole cast is that good. Everyone feels like they are the actual people. The relationships feel genuine.

Everything in this film feels spot on. the characters  are people. The wisecracks aren't forced. The music feels organic.  In its way this is the perfect film in that it captures the essence of life even with all the rough edges.

What I love about the film is that you like everyone, even the jerks. Dubs' character can be a dick (there is even a song about it) but you still like him.  In an age where people are trying to make films where we are forced to like unlikable people (I'm looking at you SALTBURN)  but where other films use tricks TALLYWACKER just lets everyone be themselves and as a result we find something to love about them.

This film is an absolute joy.  It's one of my late 2023 favorites.  I can't wait to see it again.

Highly recommended.

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