Saturday, June 15, 2024

FAMILY GUIDE TO HUNTING(2024) Tribeca 2024

A Korean young woman takes her boyfriend and her parents hunting and a tragedy occurs.

Despite the title this film isn't for families. It's gory and other adult subjects.

This isn't a very good film. It is essentially a "comedy" film that really doesn't have a punchline...or much of a focus outside of an attempt at being transgressive. Seriously, it only exists to make us laugh at things we don't laugh at things we don't normally see in regular movie houses.

Honestly I was willing to go with it until the sex act where the couple were going at while her parents were walking towards them, or with in direct sight of them. I can't imagine that happening on any level outside of a certain sub-genre of porn. No, it isn't graphic but its dumb, as is what happens next.

This was one of the least films I've seen at this years Tribeca.

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