Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hacking Hate (2024) Tribeca 2024


My Vingren goes into detail to tell us about her deep dive into white supremacy and hatred on the internet and in the world in general. She details how she created false personas in order to get close to people who live and breath hate. We also get a look at how companies like Facebook, Twitter and so may claim they don't like hate but love the fact that it brings engagement and platform use.

This is a vital, and very good film, that is a perfect starting place for anyone who wants to know about the rise of hatred in the world and how corporations are helping to spread it because its good for business. If you want to know why the world seems to be eroding into hate speak and us and them mentality this film is for you.

For me this film wasn't as eye opening as it should have been. It's not for any bad reason, rather it's because I review films and I have a steady diet of films on the hatred people feel for each other. I've seen a lot of this before. This doesn't make the film bad, it's not, as I said above it's vital and very good. I'm mentioning this to explain why I am not jumping up and down about it.

If there is anything wrong with the film, it's the obviously staged sequences where Vingren talks to various people like her editor or other people in order to give context or exposition to what we are seeing. The bits feel wrong and make the film a bit less than it should be.

My personal quibbles aside HACKING HATE is worth a look for anyone who wants to remain informed.

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