Saturday, June 29, 2024

Unbroken (2023) Dances With Films 2024

This is the story of filmmaker Beth Lane's family. The family grew up in Germany right before the Second World War. Thrown into the concentration camps. Miraculously most of the family survived and made it to America. Scattered by time the younger members of the family slowly managed to bring the family back together again.

This is a great story. At a time when many tales of the Holocaust are heavily tinged with bittersweetness, it is nice to see one that is more sweet than bitter. Yes there is tragedy, but more importantly there is hope and life. The Lane family goes on despite the best efforts of evil men to snuff it out. That may not sound like much but in an age where antisemitism is on the rise and people are looking to scapegoat, this story is a reminder that even in darkness light can shine.

I was moved by the film. A scene late in the film when they realized that the family was once again “whole” made me misty.

What a joy.


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