Friday, June 28, 2024

MUSIC (2023) should be avoided, starts today

Angela Schanelec’s  obtuse drama told in style that is either going to thrill you or make you want to throw things at the screen.

The film is told via tableau like segments where we see moments of a story but nothing that connects them up. We have to take the details and fit them together. Little if anything is said. Nothing is explained except what we can sus out.

I’m all for working with a director, but there is a point where it becomes diminishing returns. The payoff isn’t there because the film requires us to bring too much to the table and the presentation is such we stop wanting to work with the film.

A big problem for me isn’t the fractured narrative but the artificiality of the bits we do see. People often don’t speak; they will be frozen staring for a long while before moving. Motions are mannered. It’s not watching a fractured narrative but watching one that seems to stutter along. I never cared because mannered way it's done adds too much dead time to it all.

I really disliked this.

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