Thursday, June 13, 2024

FIREBRAND (2024) Tribeca 2024

Based on a novel this revisionist biography of Catherine Parr the last and surviving wife of Henry VIII is road accident in historical dress.

Following the arc of Parr's life from Henry' return from war until his death, this film posits Parr as a woman trying to remain alive as her husband  goes insane  and his court tries to get her declared a heretic and burned. 

Reducing Parr  to a woman who says little for much of the film as she strives to stay alive the film leaves out huge swaths of history that make you wonder why they wanted to tell this story since a great deal of the interesting stuff is gone. (For example Parr had Henry change the laws of succession which resulted in Elizabeth to become queen). The silences make for a dull film and we are left with repeated tropes as the Church tries to oust her and the king rages. 

Things get so out there that the climax of the film had be going WTF out loud.

It might have worked if the film were interestingly told, but it's not and it's a chore to remain a wake.

Avoid this like the plague

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