Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Freshly Cut Grass (2024) Tribeca 2024

This is the story of two people who step out on their respective partners and what happens.

When many films play a festival I get sent a lot of material on the film that the filmmakers what us to notice. I try not to look at it until I see the film because I want to see films as a typical audience member does, basically undirected by other hands. With this film I was getting a lot of material that talked about the structure of the film which compared and contrasted the two stories structure. Honestly it’s a mistake because the film doesn’t need to have anything pointed out  about it only that the film is very good.

Nicely acted and beautifully made the film scores most highly in it’s writing. Not taking typical paths through the story, the film instead presents us with real people doing real things and following as they would play out. There is no artificial drama and forced histrionics, there is just adults colliding into each and bleeding all over the screen.

I was enthralled. It’s so rare to see real adults on the screen and not a writers idea of them.

This is one of the hidden gems of Tribeca and should be sought out

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