Saturday, June 15, 2024

Following Harry (2024) Tribeca 2024

While watching FOLLOWING HARRY I felt that we as a species have been lessened by the passing of Harry Belafonte. He was a man who in his almost 100 years changed the course of humanity for the better. He was man who put pretty much to shame. As one person says when he was 19 he was getting out of the army after fighting in the Second World War and then decided he had things to do to make the world a better place. While known for years as a singer and actor, he used his bully pulpit to speak about the need for change and the betterment of society.  When he retired from performing he threw himself in fighting the good fight and helping the younger generations to learn how to fight their battles.

BEYOND HARRY is a mix of Belafonte speaking about his activist role and the remembrances of those who he was helping to continue his fight. It is a warts and all discussion of the battle where things are not all rose colored skittles and beer, but instead tough and brutal. It’s the story of a never ending fight against hatred, evil and darkness. It is a piercing light through the darkness of our times highlighting the fact that there are good people still out there.

I was moved…and made to feel kind of small at how little I’ve done. I expected that because no one was Belafonte.

This is a glorious film you need to see.

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