Saturday, June 22, 2024

Brief word on My Own Normal (2024) San Francisco DocFest 2024

I've been chasing this film for the last few months and I've not been able to fit it in because of my schedule.   Eventually I caught up with the film at  the San Francisco DocFest which unfortunately came the end of the tidal wave of Tribeca. While I really liked the film I found I had very little time to write it up. However since this is a sweet little film I had to do something.

This is the story of Alexander Freeman who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of two. He always wanted a family of his own, however his parents didn't think it was in the cards. However we was lucky enough to meet a young woman named Orina with whom he instantly clicked. That lead to a commitment ceremony and the birth of Maya their daughter.

This is a lovely film that goes along way toward proving anything can happen. Life doesn't have to follow the path society says it should go, but instead it can go the way you want it.

I was moved. In time when everyone wants us to conform, sometimes the most joyous thing you can do is follow your bliss.

Highly recommended

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