Monday, June 17, 2024

SKYWALKERS A LOVE STORY (2024) Tribeca 2024

Portrait of skywalkers (people who climb high objects and film themselves doing it) Angela Nikolau and Vanya Beerkus as they fall in love and make plans to climb the Merdeka 118 and take picture at the top of the spire.

The film is a mixture of footage shot by the subjects of their climbs coupled with footage shot on the ground and of their preparation for the Merdeka climb. The climbing footage is stunning. Seeing it on an IMAX screen it was somewhere beyond over whelming. Sure you've seen it on You Tube but odds are you have never seen it like this. You will get vertigo.

As over powering as the climbing footage is, the rest of the film is kind of bland. We never really learn much about either Angela or Vanya other than their love of climbing. The pair comes off as kind of vapid and looking simply to make a financial killing. The dash for cash is revealed by the fact that Merdeka climb has to happen so they can make needed money selling NFTs of the images. There is too many conversations about their business interests and as such no sense of doing it for any reason other than the cash. Worse their is no sense to the people at the center of the tale. There is no sense of friends or life or other interests other than Angela's grandmother (who got a standing ovation at the Tribeca IMAX screening)

Don't get me wrong I enjoyed the film but I didn't love it.

Worth a look for the images.

the skywalkers on the ground at the Tribeca IMAX screening

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