Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Diplodocus (2024) Annecy 2024

As his world is literally being erased a cartoon dinosaur finds himself jumping through various comic books.

A very good animated story is punctuated by some not so good live action sequences involving the writer rushing under a deadline to make something publishable. It's a film that starts off  with a deep feeling that we'd been there before but once the film gets going and Diplodocus ends up crashing the wizard contest the film mostly jumps to life. 

I really liked most of this film. As I said I think the live action sequences are not very good, and the film has a bit of unevenness   as  it is trying to tie it all together, but at the same time it has some wonderful things such as the the tales of parents and children, some amazing turns (I loved getting some of the erasure) and some great animated characters.

The truth of the matter is I love enough of this film that I am frustrated that it wasn't perfect. There is some great stuff here ---and I wanted it all to be that great.

Ultimately there is so much good here you really need to see this film. You will almost certainly love a lot of this.

Track this gem down.

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