Sunday, June 16, 2024

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution (2024) Tribeca 2024


Soon to be on Netflix this documentary is a look at a night of LGBT+ comedy at the Hollywood  Bowl that spanned generations. It is also a history of gay performers in comedy.

This is a deeply moving film that has generations of performers talking about finding themselves, their humor and the people who helped  them find themselves. Its a film that makes it clear how important having a role model is as people talk about how important Lily Tomlin and Eddie Izzard were to the younger generation. Having someone to look up to gave them strength knowing they weren't alone.

As good as that is, the film is a magnificent history of queerness in entertainment. I thought I had a sense of comedy history but this film revealed much I never knew.

Best of all this film will move you. Yes you will roar with laughter, but also it will make you cry at the sadness of those trapped in the closet and joy at finding your people.

One of the great films of Tribeca

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