Thursday, November 18, 2010

Machete (2010)

Robert Rodriguez took his trailer from Grindhouse and expands it to feature length making a film that is as near a perfect a grindhouse film as we are likely to see. If you loved the grindhouse films of old you really must see this.

The plot of the film has a Federale nicknamed Machete, played by Danny Trejeo, racing with his partner to save a kidnapped girl. Unfortunately it's a set up by drug dealer Steven Segal, who kills Machete's wife and daughter but fails to kill him .

Some time later Machete ends up as an illegal alien in Texas. He's hired by Jeff Fahey to kill a senator played by Robert DeNiro. DeNiro has a hate on for illegal aliens and wants to build a fence to keep them out. Unfortunately for Machete it's a set up to help increase the Senator's popularity.

Unfortunately for Fahey and DeNiro Machete isn't killed and he begins to hunt them in the drive for revenge. This sparks an ever escalating series of gun and knife fights. (By the time the film is done it's possible more people have been killed then in most major wars)

Trust me this is as note perfect an exploitation film as you are ever likely to see. If this could have played in the grindhouses of old this film would have run for decades. Its that good. It's a film that has taken the best of every exploitation film ever made and put it into one film. Its got sex and violence and comedy and a real sense of fun.

Robert Rodriguez has assembled a perfect cast (DeNiro,Fahey, Cheech Marin,Linsey Lohan, Steven Segal, Don Johnson , Michelle Rodriguez and especially Danny Trejo) who both sell the story for all its worth and let you know that they are in on the joke. Its as silly as you can get and still be serious and vice versa.

Danny Trejo has created the perfect bad ass dude. He is a hero so nasty that he's saved from death by a bullet that was already lodged in his skull from the last time he was shot in the head. He's also so mean he'll swing out a window to safety using you intestines... And its played straight even though it's clear a joke.

How anyone could feel threatened by this film, as some people did fearing a race riot is beyond me since the film isn't that sort of thing. Its simply a film to kick back and enjoy with friends and a beverage of choice.

Basically if you like over the top action films then you must see this film.

This is one of my favorite films of the year.

This is due on DVD January 4th

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