Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rocket Attack USA (1961)

Barry Mahon panic inducing tale about the commie threat of nuclear destruction in the wake of sputnik. Mahon 's tale has a secret agent going into the Soviet Union to get the goods on the Soviet rocket program. It's a cautionary tale about what could happen if we aren't vigilant.

Barry Mahon was an exploitation director who specialized in films that would make a buck fast. He started by making films like Rocket Attack or Cuba Rebel Girls (Errol Flynn's last film). He then moved into nudie cuties and related films with titles like Art School for Nudists or The Diary of Knocker McCalla or Nudes on Tiger Reef when there was money to be had. As the softcore market began to dry up he moved on to kids films, turning out kids films Santa and the Three Bears, Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny or The Wonderful Land of Oz. He was a competent enough filmmaker that you noticed his name, though sometimes it was so you could avoid other films by him.

Rocket Attack is a typical Mahon film, topical, more than a bit exploitative. It's a mix of documentary footage with narration that informs the viewer of the facts and a story with actors that tell the dramatic story. It's pure Red Menace about how we just can't trust those commies and how all they want is to destroy us with animated rockets. I was amused by its very dated out look on things. Then again the view of THEM as an enemy is always floating around, it's just that the names have changed. It is in its own way an entertaining over cooked film that is mercifully short at 65 minutes.

I recommend it to those who want to do a Red Menace night in the home theater or those who want to see how things used to be.

7 out of 10 is purely on the so bad/misguided its good scale

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