Sunday, November 7, 2010

Metropolis Restored, NYC Horror Film Festival and other notes

At 8pm Eastern time tonight Turner Classic Movies is going to be running the restored version of Fritz Lang's Metropolis. It is going to be followed by a documentary on the restoration. I have not seen it yet (I was supposed to see it last week in NYC but the theater was unexpectedly closed.) but I am hoping to plop down in front of the TV tonight.

The New York City Horror Film Festival starts Wednesday with party and is then followed by four days of screenings. As it stands now I'm going Friday night to a film called Yellowbrickroad. I'm trying to work out other screenings. If you're worrying about limited coverage I've contacted a friend, Robert Melville, who is going to try to go to it all .He said he'll be sending us posts from the road. I don't know how much he'll be seeing since some of the screenings overlap, but we'll see.

IFC ran an interesting piece on the five Oscar bait films we won't be seeing this year and an explanation of why. I've been hard at work on a review for Shanghai and will have the piece up by the end of the week.

You should all keep an eye out for the film Soul Kitchen which is on pay per view and in theaters. The film is a very funny comedy about trying to get a restaurant with the titled name back on it's feet. Its a film from Germany and it got some of the best word out of Tribeca this year and it deserves it. I've seen most of it twice now, unfortunately each viewing on IFC in Theaters has ended with my getting called away. One day I'll get to see the whole film. I suggest you beat me to the punch and see it first.

As a close out to Halloween I present a look at real Stephen King film locations. Also a look at the Halloween at Creatures of Delight (see sidebar) that ran in Fangoria. (the scarecrow by the way was in my yard)

For those curious what the week will bring here at Unseen Films we're doing a week of films linked to the First World War in honor of Veterans Day or Remembrance Day. The first one is a murder mystery, a second, a documentary and the remaining three are TV series that presented the history of the war.

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