Monday, November 1, 2010

And one more movie we'll be writing up...

When I posted about up coming reviews I realized I left off one other movie that I'll be writing up, Monsters, which is limited release right now and is also on pay per view on cable.

Monsters is an amazing film about two people trying to cross Mexico and get back to the US which has quarantined the Mexican Border since there is a zone that has been contaminated with alien life forms. The film is the quest to get home. Its mostly talk with the aliens in the background, but ever present. Its that rare thing these days a science fiction film that is about people an ideas and not about the monsters and the action.

The film has haunted me since I saw it earlier in the week.

The film needs a longer review, and I'll be giving it that down the line. For now know that if you want to see a film that breaks the mold and is intelligent and thoughtful instead of empty and explosive see this film. Since it's in theaters and on pay per view I wanted to take a minute to mention it.

And if nothing else you'll want to see a film that looks like it cost millions instead of the 15 thousand dollars it allegedly did. It was also shot on consumer level equipment so there is hope that we all can actually make something wonderful.

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