Thursday, November 18, 2010

NYCHFF Program 6: The shorts before Outcast

Saturday - Program 6

The shorts:

Now That Your Dead - A dark-humored battle between a cheating husband, a mistress, and a murderous wife with a supernatural twist. I can wrap this one up rather quickly. Said-mistress is a vampire who turns the cheating husband into a vampire. They try to dispose of his wife's dead body but she comes back to life as...guess what, a vampire. Did I mention that I'm sick of seeing these blood-suckers in movies/stories/television. No? Ok well I just did then. Pass on this one.

Beating Hearts - A disturbing twist on the "killer child" sub-genre. This film ended up screening twice during the duration of the festival. Im not sure why that was but this was first time it was shown. It was only during the second screening where I finally got what the director was trying to do here with the story. I didn't care for it too much, but kudos for making something with a very taboo underlining.

Dead Run - The dead have overrun the city, hunting the living and eating their flesh. Only a few survivors remain, this is the story of one of them. Think if '28 Days Later' was a 10 minute short, Dead Run is what you get. Good effort.

Choreomania - A sinister contagion has overtaken Scotland turning people into dancing maniacs. This one was just plain silly but it had the crowd laughing, myself included. For a few minutes I got to shut my brain off and just enjoy the ridiculouness happening on the screen. Of the five shorts shown in this program, I recommend this one the most.

The Long Night - A vampire sits in a cafe before dawn waiting for the sun to end his weary existence, but his plan is interrupted by an excitable young boy and a viscous psychopath. Oh another Vampire film, joy. This one has atleast abit more to offer then the earlier short. Better location, better actors. Still the fact that only a good half hour passed since the last vamp-short, I had not changed my biased opinion.

Feature Film:

Outcast - Taking place in modern day Edinburgh, Scotland, Outcast unmasks an ancient Celtic society, where black magic exists. Mary , a witch with extraordinary strength, is on the run as she tries to protect her son, Fergal, from a dangerous hunter assigned to kill them to hide the truth of their past.

Every year at the fest there always seems to be at least one film that I end up missing out on. Outcast was that film this year. If your going to be at the NYCHFF for the entire duration, all 4 nights (Technically 5, if you count the kick-off party Wednesday night) your going to have to take some kind of break. Therefor I can't give any insight on Outcast

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