Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Let It Be Morning (2022) Opens Friday

Eran Kolirin's new film LET IT BE MORNING is a gut punch of a movie. The turns in the film left me exhausted.

The film is the story of Sami a Palestinian born Israeli who returns home for a wedding.  On his way out of town he finds that the town has suddenly been cut off from the rest of the world due to a blockade. The Israelis are not letting anyone out and are not being clear as to why. As he struggles to get out Sami also has to contend with the life and family he left behind.

A beautifully made film, LET IT BE MORNING moved me. Despite nominally being about a situation I know little about, I was moved by Sami’s plight. I could relate a bit too well to the situation of being a person who has compartmentalized his life and can’t deal with things bleeding over. As a person who is finding the boxes of his life breaking apart I saw bits of my life up there.

At the same time as we are getting the personal we are also getting the political story of a town cut off from the outside world on a whim. As the film makes clear the whole situation is crazy…and heartbreaking, as we see several times in the film.

And you will forgive me for not going into greater detail as to what happens, but much of the film's power is found in taking the ride. I liked not knowing how Sami was going to react or knowing what turns the blockade was going to take. If you are smart you will simply go in as blind as possible and let events move you as an unexpected earthquake would.

This is a gem and is recommended.

LET IT BE MORNING opens Friday at the Quad in New York and in LA at the Laemmle Royal

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