Saturday, June 1, 2024

ADGIO (2023) Open Roads 2024

Teenage boy is used by a crooked cop in an ugly blackmail scheme that spins off into black places.

Neon infused neo-noir is set largely in a night time Rome that seems to be on fire (there is always an orange glow in the sky) and darker than usual thanks to frequent blackouts. It a film that for all its grittiness has been polished to a high sheen with so much of the film, carnage include looking like something you’d want to hang on your wall.  It’s so good that I’m trying to line up a second pass through the film just so I can see it on the big screen.

While this film isn’t weighty enough to fully stick to my brain as a perfect noir, the film is tense enough that I have been recommending the film to friends and family who are crime film friends that they need to go see this at Open Roads. Good bad or indifferent this is one hell of an entertaining ride and highly recommended.

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