Monday, June 10, 2024

Era oculta- hidden Era (2024) Tribeca 2024

In Mozambique an artist tries to create while working to secure enough money to send his young son to school and pay the young woman who is his muse.

This is a mannered and deliberate film where sequences frequently play out in tableaux. It is a film that seeks to paint a broad picture of the city where the narrative takes place as well as exploring the questions of what it takes to be an artist and a father.

This is a rambling tale that moves in it's own way and at its own pace. If you can click with the film's pace and rhythms then you will find yourself enraptured. If it doesn't click with you then this 75 minute is going to feel several times longer than that. 

While I found the film intriguing on several levels, I loved the sense of place and I think the performances are first rate, I had problems with the narrative's pacing. There isn't enough here to make the film not feel like an expanded short. It also doesn't help that several of the discussions seem more directed at making a point rather than feeling natural.

I never clicked and so felt adrift.

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