Sunday, June 9, 2024

HUNTERS ON A WHITE FIELD (2024) Tribeca 2024

Three friends head out into the woods for a last hunt before the cabin is sold. As the men behave like manly men things they suddenly realize that something is wrong. The forest is dead silent and all the animals are gone. However that isn’t going to stop the hunt.

This allegorical thriller is often very disturbing.  There is clearly something wrong with the world  but these guys just won’t admit it. Director Sarah Gyllenstierna creates an oppressive atmosphere that pervades the sound and images.  After a certain point even the most innocuous image takes on a disturbing aura.

Gyllenstierna is aided and abetted by her excellent cast. Ardalan Esmaili, Magnus Krepper, and Jens Hultén pull us into the film  and make us wonder how this is going to end. That’s no small trick owing to the fact that cinema history is riddled with stories of people off on get aways where things go wrong.  The basic idea that maybe familiar but how it plays out isn’t.

This is a gorgeously shot film.(almost) Every image is something that you’ll want to hang on the wall. If you want to see something that takes full advantage of a big screen get a ticket and see this.

This is a solid little thriller and worth your time and money.

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