Saturday, June 8, 2024

Ruthless Blade (2023) Tribeca 2024

This is work of cinematic art of the highest level.

Not only is it a visually arresting tale that delights the eye but it’s also a kick ass action film. I want to see what director Bo Zhang will do next

The film is nominally the story of a cat like warrior battling his way through wave after wave of foes. It’s one of the greatest martial arts films I’ve ever seen. Where it goes is the story. (and no this can not be expanded)

As a visually ballet of the wu xia variety this is near the top of the heap. Yes it’s animated, but then so many live action films  are computer assisted these days that it doesn’t make a difference. The battles in this film are what most action films I know have been hoping to see in every film they watch. The battles are amazing.

The animation and the art work are masterful. Raising the bar several levels it perfectly blends 2D manga/comic style art and makes it into hard edged 3D life. Watching and rewatching the film and the sequences over and over again I was in awe how – and his crew blended styles flawlessly as things went from looking one way to looking another and it never looking wrong but instead perfectly right.

This is the work of a master filmmakers working at a level most other animators can only dream of.

This is one of the best films not only Tribeca but of 2024 as well.

I can not recommend this film enough.

An absolute must see film

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