Wednesday, June 5, 2024

She's Clean (2024) is available today to rent

A woman takes a shower with all her lovers revealing how she feels about them, how they about her, and many things about the relationship with lovers.

I'm not going to do a full on review of this film for a one key reason, the film didn't connect to me. Before you think that means it's a bad film, it does not. Rather it simply means that the film is not within my experience to fully write on. While I've been in two long term relationships and my wiring is such that I have not really dated a great deal. My wiring is not normal in that I just don't have relationships for the hell of it, I'm looking for something else.  My focus is differently placed on something other than a relationship. Looking at multiple relationships is outside my wheelhouse.

That said there is some great truths here as well as a great performance from writer director Jenn Harris.

If you want a solid discussion of relationships and sex SHE'S CLEAN is recommended.

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