Friday, June 7, 2024

The Damned (2024) Tribeca 2024

At a remote fishing station in the northern oceans, a small community is struggling to survive. It is lead by a woman named Eva. She is a recent widow and he feelings are compounded by the uncertainty of the future of the people she is living with. When a ship wrecks not far off, they are forced to consider how to handle the situation since extra mouths mean they certainly will not survive. What follow their choice is the film and it's a tense spiral into danger.

Let me say this at the top - when you see THE DAMNED, and you will be seeing it,  try to do so when you can see it on a big screen. Shot in bleak and menacing places the film is a wide screen delight with the images adding equal weight to everything that happens. The images were made for the big screen and should be seen that way.

This is one of the bet films playing at Tribeca. It's an unexpected historical thriller full of suspense and dread. You know with a title like THE DAMNED this is not going to go well, and it doesn't. The fear comes from waiting to see who comes out the other end.

I had a blast watching this film. I was sucked in from the first frame and stayed glued to the screen until the credits rolled. I didn't really have any idea how this was going to go. 

This is  just great filmmaking. Yes it looks amazing, but at the same time the entire cast sells it, while at the same time director Thordur Palsson moves things along at just the right pace. Its slow enough so that we feel we are back 150 years, but spryly enough that we never lose interest. Indeed we are held in the film's vice grip as we wait to get to the film's end.

Since the film is just premiering I won't say any more other than get a ticket and go.

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