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The VICA FINE ARTS FILM FEST Starts June 8 in LA, the UK, Estonia and on Vimeo

The Fine Arts Film Festival, with 45 films on/about art from 19 countries, returns for it's 11th year, on June 8 in Los Angeles, June 8-9 in the UK, and June 10-11 in Estonia, and online on Vimeo from June 8-21.

The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA) is proud to present the 11th Annual Fine Arts Film Festival (FAFF), this Saturday June 8 in person at Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, and at the Kose Gymnasium in Kobe, Estonia June 10-11. From June 8-21, FAFF will stream all over the world on Vimeo. FAFF – the world’s largest art film festival – will present over 40 films from across the globe.

A few examples of the exceptional lineup are feature documentaries Vermeer: The Greatest Exhibition from director David Bickerstaff (UK), with new discoveries about his process, and Guercino - An Art Love Story by director Giulia Giapponesi (Italy), a story about a one of the greatest artist who has almost been lost to history. Standout shorts include In the Head of Guy Limone from Jean-Marc Gosse (France), Sack Race with Knives: The Curious Art of Kevin Titzer directed by Jordan Barclay (US) and Faces of Silence by director Vicente Bordeu Barros (Chile). Engaging non-documentary shorts include MATHAF directed by Justin Kramer (Qatar), and the truly unique Beyond the Off-Screen from director Axel Robin (Canada).

Sofia Fellino, our Programming Director says, "It's been so exciting to see so many quality films from all over the world, and such a wonderful challenge to select from so many wonderful entries. We know you'll love this year's lineup!"

FAFF 2024 In-Person Schedule in LA:

10:30    AWARDS SHOW
10:30    Sea of Change (Out of Competition)
Director: Osceola Refetoff (US)
Experimental, 8 minutes

8:50    Bromley: Light After Dark
Director: Sean Patrick McDonald (Australia)
Feature Documentary, 94 minutes

8:35    Dimension of Absence
Director: Sjors Swierstra (Netherlands)\
Short Documentary, 16 minutes

8:30    A Public Thing
Director: Lauren Mahoney (US)
Short Documentary, 6 minutes

8:05    Sack Race With Knives: The Curious Art of Kevin Titzer
Director: Jordan Barclay (US)
Short Documentary, 25 minutes

7:55    In the Head of Guy Limone
Director: Jean-Marc Gosse (France)
Short Documentary, 7 minutes

7:35    Faces of Silence
Director: Vicente Bordeu Barros (Chile)
Short Documentary, 22 minutes

7:25    Take Care
Director: Kaylee Hatfield (US)
Animated Film, 9 minutes

7:20    Strokes
Director: David Colin William Crump (UK)
Student Film, 5 minutes

5:45    Vermeer: The Greatest Exhibition
Director: David Bickerstaff (UK)
Feature Documentary, 93 minutes

5:30    Stratis
Director: Antonis Maros (Greece)
Experimental Film, 11 minutes

4:25    Guercino: An Art Love Story
Director: Giulia Giapponesi (Italy)
Feature Documentary, 63 minutes

4:15    Beyond the Off Screen
Director: Axel Robin (Canada)
Music/Performance Video, 10 minutes

2:35    Out of the Picture
Director: Mary Louise Schumacher (UK)
Feature Documentary, 98 minutes

2:20    Weree
Director: Tal Amiran (UK)
Short Documentary, 15 minutes

1:30    The Heart of Heritage
Director: Nina Degraeve (Belgium)
Short Documentary, 48 minutes

12:00    Arte Povera, Notes For History
PM        Director: Andrea Bettinetti (Italy)
Feature Documentary, 88 minutes

11:55    Agaricus Pop!
Director: Jordyn Vignaux (US)
Animated Film, 4 minutes

11:50    Amaranth
Director: Justin Black (Canada)
Experimental Film, 4 minutes

11:30    Mathaf
AM       Director: Justin Kramer (Qatar)
Music/Performance Video, 20 minutes

Ticketing information is available on the ViCA website. Tickets for the in-person event in LA are available at the box office at Beyond Baroque for $10. The entire online festival $15. 

The festival is dedicated to presenting the finest new films about how art is made, how artists survive, how they think and work, and what makes creativity our most important skill, and our best hope for mankind.

Official Selections of FAFF 2024 will be offered a distribution deal through the ViCAFilms/Eagle Rock Pictures partnership, which has resulted in the Art/World Collection, viewable now on Vimeo. Over the past 4 years, films have been licensed to some of the most popular national streamers, including Tubi and Roku.

"It's hard to believe we're in our 11th year at FAFF", says Juri Koll, founder of the Festival. "We've worked hard to bring the best films from around the art world to Los Angeles, and now to the rest of the world online. It never ceases to amaze us, the love and respect these filmmakers have for their subjects, and it shows in every frame."

Sponsors past and present include Blick Art Materials, Beyond Baroque, 4 Brothers Wine Co., Flake, the Estonian American Business Alliance, and many others.

About ViCA

The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA) is devoted to presenting and sustaining the unique stories, history and culture of one of the most important centers of independent artistic expression. Through its exhibitions, events, research facilities, and education curriculum, ViCA celebrates the world of art internationally, and the art and culture of Venice Beach/Southern California. Our founding in 2011 marks an ongoing commitment to our community - to present the art world from the perspective of its artists, writers, curators, collectors, and the art viewing public.




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