Thursday, June 6, 2024

Tribeca Coverage Notes:

With Tribeca’s coverage starting in three hours  with a repost of a Slamdance review, Here are the rules of our coverage:

1-There will be a review  at least every three hours at Unseen Films for the length of the festival. 

2-Because I am leaving the house at 6am and turning in the evening links will be on Twitter and Blue Sky either before I leave in the morning or when I get home. I am not going near social media while at the festival. (or my email)

3-With the exception of some Annecy Titles (some are fantastic) and some Sheffield Doc Fest titles the better part of the next two weeks is all Tribeca

4-Front loaded reviews drop as close to the embargo as possible . Anything I see from today on goes where I can fit it in the order I can put it.

5- Any pieces from Ariela, Wendy, Liz or Austin will drop when get them and I can put them up

6- expect a mix of reviews, daily reports, pictures and interviews.

7-Anything beyond that is being made up on the fly

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