Saturday, June 8, 2024

Very brief thoughts on DON'T YOU LET ME GO (2024) Tribeca 2024

While attending the funeral of her friend, Elena, Ardela finds herself unrooted and traveling back ten years to a beach house.

Magical realism is in full force here in the story of the ones we love and what we are left with when they pass on.  It's a film about finding the people we love and not letting them go.

This is a well done little film that didn't really connect to with me. It's not that the film is primarily focused on women and their friendship, more that the film is a bit too low key for my tastes.  The film didn't seem to peak and valley with emotion it sort of moved up to a certain level  and then stayed there. Yes the story engaged me but it never played  my heart.

I suspect it's just I am the wrong audience for the film. It happens, not every film works for everyone.

If you think this film will work for you, please try it.

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