Sunday, June 9, 2024

Witches (2024) Tribeca 2024


Elizabeth Sankey’s WITCHES is magnificent.

Framed as a personal journey the film is an exploration  of witches that begins as an look at them from a cinematic standpoint and then changes into a and exploration of motherhood  and then into history lesson. It’s an ever evolving film that will grab you and drag you along….and then make you want to go right back in and see it again because you have to see everything you didn’t quite catch.

This is one of those films that I finished and started emailing everyone I know to see it. I don’t mean film writers, but filmmakers and film fans. This film has so much in it that almost everyone I know is going to find something to love in it.

What makes the film work is that Sankey frames the film as a personal tale. She sits us down and then begins talking about the way she saw witches as a kid, nominally through cinema, and then she opens up the tale into more personal places talking about the birth of her son and how that made her feel…and from there she links it all sorts of things.  It’s a brilliant piece of movie making and it makes the film something truly special.

I absolutely love this film.

I’m  not going to do a deeper dive right now because I really need to see it a second and third time.

WITCHES is easily one of the best films at Tribeca and one of the best films of 2024

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