Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Capsule Reviews 8/4/10

Today a trio of enjoyable but cheap crime films. The first and third are recent vintage, while the second is from the peak of the Italian gangster wave.

7 Columbian Kilos

Maverick Entertainment puts out a great number of low budget, mostly shot on video films. They are for the most part no budget affairs which are full of desire to make a movie. I've seen a large number of their films some were good, most okay, and some were awful, but there is always something that makes me say, okay I'll try the next one even though I don't love it (or even hate it). 7 Columbian Kilos is one of the ones that makes the bad ones worth it. The plot has to do with the drug trade, specifically in Chicago and how the title amount of cocaine makes life hell for everyone. Is it a great film no. Its a good, but far from great one. Its wildly uneven in every department, especially with the acting which is made up of people from all walks of life and ability. The one thing that helps the film greatly is the sense of reality it carries with it. On some level I have the feeling that the people who made this film lived some form of it.(there is a commentary on the DVD which I haven't heard). If there is any serious problems with the film its that the sound recording is a bit too uneven with some of it having too much distortion and fuzz. The film is also much too long at 135 minutes. Things begin to drag, especially with all of the back and forth trips around Chicago and to Miami. Those wanting to see real independent film may want to give this a try.

Mr Scarface
This is one of the films you're likely to find in the bargain bins for a dollar or so. Its also one the films that's worth your time and dollar. Low level collector for the mob is unhappy with his lot in life and decides to rob the big boss with the help of a recently dismissed mob soldier. Of course the big boss, played by Jack Palance, isn’t one to take this lying down. Good Italian crime drama is big on action and low on anything remotely deep. Its pure exploitation action which is perfect for vegging out on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and soda.

Ex-cop drug addict wants to get out of LA with his girlfriend. When she arranges to get big money from doing a porno film, when things take a turn for the nasty he tries to get her out of there but ends up beaten up and left for dead. Unsure of anything he tries to track down what happened to his girlfriend in a not always friendly manner.Okay low budget action film that keeps your attention even as the lead character is making it kind of hard to root for him.(A Maverick film and almost winner).

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