Friday, August 13, 2010

Horror Island 1940

Dick Foran stars as a very broke captain of a ship. Leo Carillo, playing a one legged sailor, turns up claiming to have a map of a treasure on an island that Foran owns. As dark robed phantoms flit in and out and bill collectors come calling, Foran is forced to go and take a look for the treasure himself, which means that it isn't long before everyone is wandering the halls of an old dark castle.

More amusing romp then straight out horror film, this is a delightful little movie that just drives to its conclusion once it gets started. Starting on the docks of an unnamed city this movie has a nice atmospheric feel to it that get it points for not being your typical old dark house story. I never expected it to play out the way it did since where it starts doesn't really give any clue as to where it ends up, I thought it was going to be a more nautical story than it is.

While the plot line doesn't completely make sense, it really doesn't matter since the cast is having such a good time that you're willing to follow them anywhere.

I had a blast.

Highly recommended for a dark and stormy night of late night movie watching. This is available on DVD in Universal Horror:The Archive Collection which is an excellent collection of 1940's films that are not the big name titles but still completely enjoyable.

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