Thursday, August 5, 2010

Updates on films we've covered and other stuff coming up

First up Gallants the winner of the audience award at the New York Asian Film Festival is out on DVD in Asia. I still have no idea if it's picked up a distributor but you can get it from Yes Asia.

Summer Wars
which was the opening film of this years New York International Children's Film festival has picked up a distributor Funimation. They are planning on releasing it in theaters through the end of the year and then putting it out on DVD next year. Its a great film and one you really should see on a big screen. the film is playing in Manhattan August 28th and 29th at the IFC as part of the NYICFF weekend screenings. If you're in town go.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music is running a series of vampire films through September. Its a must see since they are running not only Lugosi but Hammer and the wonderfully under rated Planet of Vampires in widescreen and Italian.

The Film Society of Lincoln Center has some cool things coming up. Monday is an anniversary screening of Airplane with the directors in attendance. They are also having their summer melt down which includes some strange musical films plus Gaspar Noes directors cut of his Enter the Void. They are also in the process of announcing films for the New York Film festival.

Jasques Tati's Play Time is playing this weekend at Symphony Space in Manhattan. Its playing Later in the month joining Hitchcock Classics, more Tati films including Trafic and Aardman films between now and November. Play Time is a film that is must see on a big screen since most of the jokes are in the background. And Trafic you know because it was reviewed several weeks back.

Johnnie To's masterful Vengeance is currently in theaters and on IFC In Theaters Pay per View service. It wobbles but its worth a look.

Secret of Kells is still out in theaters and is due for DVD in October.

A Fish Story is out on DVD in the UK and is due for a release in the states in the fall.

Bran Nu Dae is getting a US release this fall.

IP Man just got an official US release (and places selling Chinese Imports around Manhattan are advertising they have the sequel)

Crimson Wing
is getting a DVD release this fall from Disney.

Mesrine is finally getting a US release to theaters in the fall (I don't have the details this just popped up on a local theaters list of up coming films)

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