Saturday, August 21, 2010

Suggestions; If You've Got'em, We'll Take'em...

Now that we're on the back end of our first year I thought I'd take a moment to state out loud and in a way that is not buried in other posts, that we do take suggestions.

We've done a few of the films that have been suggested to us and we'll be doing more over the upcoming weeks and months. There is a list and we are trying to get to them, unfortunately we are frequently getting distracted.

If you have a film you'd like to see you can either post the title in a comment or you can e-mail me (my e-mail can be found if you click on my name in the side bar).

There is one rule you have to keep in mind when you give us a suggestion; you have to be able to defend your choice. If you suggest a film and there is some uncertainty about the choice we very well may e-mail you back. Why do you like that film? What do you like about it? We want to know. You don't have to have a big reason for liking the film, but you need a passion. Why are you passionate about this film? Why do you want more people to know about it?

Odds are we aren't going to ask for a defense of the film, but we just want to be sure that you do like the film. Honestly we're open to any film if you can make a case for it.

Now that you know the rule, its up to you to tell us what films you think need to be seen by more people.

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