Friday, August 13, 2010

A few fun things and couple of useful references

Live in New York? Like the Old 3D movies? Like William Castle movies?

The Film Forum started two weeks of classic 3D movies. The schedule and more information can be found here.

The fun doesn't end there since they are following that up with a week of William Castle films complete with all the fun gimmicks such as Percepto, Ermego and the Punishment Poll. The schedule is here, so there is no excuse not to see The Tingler with the seat wired for a shock.

The New York Times has a great piece on the author of a new book on Charlie Chan. Its worth taking a look.

I have to post these in the sidebar until I do you should be aware of DVD Beaver and Digital Fix UK these are great sources you need to know about.

DVD Beaver is a great place where you can find lists of up coming DVDs and reviews and comparisons of the various versions of a film on DVD and Bluray.

Digital Fix
is a great source for finding out whats coming out. Yes they deal mostly with UK releases but they also do US releases.

Both sites are must reads for anyone who is a movie nut.

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