Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Assholes (2017) Fantasia 2017

Adah, Peter's sister is now sober and just wants to be loved. Hooking up with Peters best friend Mark the pair descend into a kind of twisted depravity that will leave you wondering what you've just walked into.

Button pushing genre bending comedy this film is intent on setting some sort of record as to how many people it can offend. With jokes of every sort, almost none of them in good taste ASSHOLES seeks drive people away from the screen as fast as possible. In some ways this film is a bunch of terrible people doing terrible things. You'll laugh at some of this but you'll wince more at the unpleasantness and stupidity of it all.

Worth a look for those who like uncomfortable and disgusting comedies. All others should leave the it well enough alone.

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