Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nightcap 8/13/17 Old School Kung Fu Fest is this week, Catching up with Fast and Furious 8, Boss Baby, Alien Covenant, The Mummy and Going in Style and notes about whats coming

Subway Cinema's  Old School Kung Fu Fest is at the Metrograph Theater in Manhattan next weekend.  The seven film festival ill feature the work of Angela Mao who will be in attendance.

Sadly I will not be there with commitments every night. However that shouldn't stop you especiaclly if you haven't seen glassics like TOUCH OF ZEN, COME DRINK WITH ME, YOUNG AUNTIE or YES MADAME on the big screen.

For more information and tickets go here.
Posting some short reviews of some stuff I never reviewed from theaters (I only started reviews) and from recent home video viewings

Charlize Theron is a super hacker who causes Vin Diesel to turn away from the rest of his crew to keep his heretofore unknown son safe. Great action and witty exchanges are lost in one of the most vapid plots imaginable. You'll know the end at the start and then have to fill the time playing "I'm so far ahead of this film Bingo". Its so bland as a complete film that its damn near unwatchable. (The pieces do kick ass)

Great looking animated cartoon with some funny bits is way too knowing and complicated to really work. I admired the artistry and wished that the film was better plotted

If I could I would hit Ridley Scott with a baseball bat to stop him from ever messing around with the Alien franchise again. Messier follow up to the messy PROMETHEUS is a film that completely alters the Alien Mythos. It completely changes the focus of the films- its Michael Fassbender's android who has fashioned the aliens we all know and love (which makes no sense)... It's a move that echoes the Hammer horror films where the Peter Cushing was the monster. Unfortunately here its a move that unbalances the film and mis reads why all the other films worked better. Nominally the story of a ship of colonists who change the planet they were heading for  after a space accident puts it on their radar. Once they arrive at the planet they run into David the android from PROMETHEUS who sets about killing everyone so his little alien children can thrive. Full of dull characters, plot changes that make no sense and tons boring wanna be deep chatter the film never generates scares. While not technically bad the film commits the worst cinematic sin and is boring

Much maligned Tom Cruise film is not as bad as you've heard. While nowhere the best film of the year it's best viewed  as a breezy boys own adventure rather than horror film. It moves at a good clip. While never really scary (or logical) it is entertaining which manages to over come the fact that its way too jokey to really be anything great. I liked it.

Zach Braff's destruction of a classic 1970's film takes all the pathos (no one dies) and social commentary (crime has a cost) and chucks it out the window. The plot has three old guys (Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin) decide that to get along they have to rob a bank. Sitcom misadventures occur. Indifferently acted and with a crappy script the film disappoints.

We're in a lull between festivals right now so look for some odd posts of old films and some new releases. We'll be back to our regular insane festival coverage closer to September.

The reason that the coverage is going to be a tad lax is that right now I really don't have an interest in the films being thrown my way. Normally I'd be happy to take a shot and hopefully see a gem but of late the films while good have not been exciting. Of late the unexciting films are getting shorter and shorter pieces which has not made me happy..

Additionally I'm getting a lot of stuff for September- which I can't post now.

Stay with us because there is a lot of good stuff coming.

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