Thursday, August 24, 2017

September Engagements at the Quad

Upcoming premiere engagements at the Quad include five of the year's most acclaimed docs: Spettacolo, Trophy, Red Trees, Bobbi Jene & I Am Another You

The world theatrical premiere of a new 4K restoration of Merchant-Ivory's Heat and Dust, Lucky starring Harry Dean Stanton and more

Heat and Dust

Opens Fri September 1—Exclusive New York Engagement / World Theatrical Premiere of new 4K restoration
James Ivory, 1983, UK, 130m, DCP
Blending East with West, and moving effortlessly between the vibrant world of modern-day India and the magnificent splendors of the Raj, Heat and Dust follows the contemporary story of Julie Christie, drawn to India by her desire to unravel a mysterious family scandal surrounding the seduction of her great-aunt (Greta Scacchi) in the 1920s by charismatic Indian prince Shashi Kapoor. Her journey proves to be one of self-discovery as much as the opportunity to solve an enigma. A Cohen Film Collection release.

"Graceful, funny, literate, [and] entertaining." —Vincent Canby, The New York Times


Opens Wed September 6—Exclusive New York Engagement
Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen, U.S., 89m, DCP
From the makers of the acclaimed documentary Marwencol (soon to be a fictionalized feature from Robert Zemeckis) comes another astonishing nonfiction portrait of the line between fantasy and reality. For five decades, the residents of a small Tuscan hill town have turned their piazza into a stage, putting on an original play based on their own lives. But as the aging population passes away, the town’s 50th anniversary production threatens to be its final. A Grasshopper Films release. Official selection: SXSW Film Festival.

“Lovely and elegiac.”—The Hollywood Reporter


Opens Fri September 8—Exclusive New York Engagement
Shaul Schwarz & Christina Clusiau, U.S./UK/Namibia/South Africa/Zimbabwe, 108m, DCP
With the ever-increasing demand for the commodification of animals, a number of species—from elephants to lions to rhinoceroses—are coming perilously close to extinction. Filmmakers Shaul Schwarz (Narco Cultura) & Christina Clusiau travelled across the globe to speak directly with big game hunters, breeders, and conservationists, asking pointed questions about the economic and moral implications of our treatment of wildlife. The result is a searing, complex, must-see documentary sure to engender heated debate from all sides. A release of The Orchard. Official selection: Sundance Film Festival.

“Sprawling, complex, and beautifully lensed.”—Screen International


Opens Wed September 13—Exclusive New York Engagement
Amman Abbasi, U.S., 75m, DCP
In a dead-end Arkansas small town, 13-year-old Dayveon, still grieving from the murder of his older brother years prior, falls in with a gang and finds himself torn between very different paths for his future. Subverting familiar coming-of-age archetypes in startling ways, writer-director-producer-composer Amman Abbasi emerges as a major new voice in American indie cinema with this first feature, a debut as evocative and atmospheric as any since co-producer David Gordon Green’s George Washington. A FilmRise release. Official selection: Sundance, Berlin Film Festivals.

“Quietly moving.”—Indiewire

Red Trees

Opens Fri September 15
Marina Willer, UK, 87m, DCP
In this moving personal history, filmmaker Marina Willer traces the remarkable story of her father’s family through the perils of World War II. After becoming one of only 12 families to survive the Nazi occupation of Prague, Willer’s ancestors fought through bureaucratic nightmares and personal tragedies to land in Brazil, where her father rebuilt his life as an architect. Gorgeously photographed by City of God’s César Charlone, Red Trees offers a timely account of emigration in the face of war. A Cohen Media Group release.

Thirst Street

Opens Wed September 20—Exclusive New York Engagement
Nathan Silver, U.S./France, 84m, DCP
When a newly widowed American flight attendant (Lindsay Burdge) makes a pit stop in Paris, a one-night stand with seedy bartender (Damien Bonnard, Staying Vertical) becomes utter infatuation, leading her deeper into a lusty spiral of frayed nerves and neon hues. Narrated by Anjelica Huston, with widescreen lensing by Sean Price Williams (Good Time) and a visual palette equally inspired by ’70s European art films and ’80s cinĂ©ma du look, Thirst Street is an acerbic pleasure from one of modern independent cinema’s most prolific and prodigious talents. A Samuel Goldwyn release. In English and French with English subtitles. Official selection: Tribeca Film Festival.

“Delightfully twisted… wickedly crafty… a terrific, vintage homage.”—The Playlist

*Preceded by our repertory series "Paris Stripped Bare:" seven films exposing Paris' seedy underbelly. Sept 8-10.

Bobbi Jene

Opens Fri September 22—Exclusive New York Engagement
Elvira Lind, Denmark/Sweden/Israel/U.S., 96m, DCP
After spending a decade in Israel with the famed troupe Batsheva, American dancer Bobbi Jene Smith makes the difficult decision to return to her native San Francisco. While struggling to maintain a long-distance relationship with a fellow dancer back in Israel, she begins work on a highly personal new piece. Unprecedentedly winning all three documentary prizes at the Tribeca Film Festival, this is a stunningly intimate portrait of artistry, ambition, and womanhood in the 21st century. An Oscilloscope Laboratories release.

“A remarkable documentary… unfolds with uncommon grace.”—Screen Daily

I Am Another You

Opens Wed September 27—Exclusive New York Engagement
Nanfu Wang, U.S., 80m, DCP
Chinese documentarian Nanfu Wang, director of the Oscar-shortlisted Hooligan Sparrow, returns with a probing character study that gradually turns into a gripping mystery. While traveling through Florida, Wang meets Dylan, a charismatic young drifter who’s left behind bourgeois comfort for a scrappy life of intentional homelessness. But as she follows Dylan and adopts his vagabond lifestyle, she discovers that darker truths lurk behind both this enigmatic young man and the American myth of individualism. A FilmRise release.
Winner, Special Jury Award, SXSW Film Festival.

“Eloquent, disquieting.”—The Hollywood Reporter


Opens Fri September 29
John Carroll Lynch, U.S., 88m, DCP
Largely confined to supporting parts for decades, the beloved Harry Dean Stanton receives a rare leading role (written specifically for him) as Lucky: a staunchly independent, chain-smoking nonagenarian living in a remote desert town. As his life winds down, Lucky is facing the tricky business of self-exploration, with every trip to the local diner and bar taking on greater significance. Co-starring Stanton superfan David Lynch, this wry character study offers a moving tribute to one of the cinema’s greatest treasures. A Magnolia Pictures release. Official selection: SXSW, Locarno Film Festivals.

“Outstanding… everything Harry Dean Stanton has done in his career, and his life, has brought him to his moment of triumph in Lucky, an unassumingly wonderful little film.” —Variety

*Preceded by a 21-film Harry Dean Stanton retrospective, Sept. 22-Oct. 1

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