Friday, February 3, 2023

Arthur Malediction (2022)

The poster makes this look like a horror film. Its a snooze fest instead

Luc Besson acts as writer and producer to return to the world of his Arthur and the Invisibles (Minimoy) film and TV series with less than successful results.

The film has Alex ,a super fan of the Minmoy films, going with his friends to the house where the films were shot and bad things happen.

Jumbled and confusing film that exists in its own meta-universe this film had me scratching my head as it tried to be part of the Minimoy universe and something outside it. It also tries to be for kids and not, and tries to be a thriller and not. 

At this point I would make a joke about it trying to be a good film but it's really not a good film.

This complete mess of a film truly boggles the mind. It begins and then restarts several times in different places. It has plot holes you could drift a continent through. It insists on being part of a series for no real reason. It has no tension.

What kills me is the first half or so of the film feels like it was made up on the spot. Conversations go nowhere as the film feels like it is filling time to make it to feature length. Eventually things angle toward somewhere something is going to happen and when it does you really don't care.

I think part of the problem with the film is this is some sort of family project for Besson. Watching the opening credits too many people have the same last name, as if Besson had put his entire extended family on the payroll.

What an absolute waste of my time...don't waste yours.

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