Friday, February 3, 2023

Blind Man Who DId Not Want To See The Titanic (2022)

One of the great finds at 2022 this is the story of Jaakko a  blind movie fan who has a long distance relationship with a disabled woman he has never met in person. Because he is also in a wheelchair Jaakko 's mobility is limited so they have been unable to workout meeting. When circumstances take a turn Jaakko decides he has to make the trek to his lady love.

Beautiful romance turns thriller as we worry how this is all going to go. Things are made tenser thanks to director Teemu Nikki shoting the film to simulate blindness. Anything outside of our focus is blurry we can't really see around Jaakko,  Its a genuine claustophobia that heightens everything.

What makes this film work are the people. Eveyone is wonderful. Actually  Petri Poikolainen as Jaakko is magnificent. This is an Oscar wrthy performance. Its stunning. Poikolainen is so good that I want to see him in more films,  he's so good that he makes it clear that we need to hire mre people with disabilities. (Poikolainen is blind and has MS)

Highly recommended. This is one of the great finds of the year

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