Thursday, March 30, 2023

Acidman (2022)

ACIDMAN is the nickname the locals have given Thomas Hayden Church. He’s a crazy old guy living by himself and chasing UFOs. One day his daughter shows up to check on him. It’s been years since they spoke.  She hopes to find out if he’s able to be there alone.

Sweet little two hander packs a punch. To be certain the film is like any number of similar films but rarely have films like this been cast as well as this. Dianna Agron is wonderful as the daughter in search for more than she can express and Thomas Hayden Church kicks it out of the box. His final shot wrecked me as the image went from a typical “I know what this” to “oh shit” when Church pulls out a small detail that speaks louder than a heavy metal sound system.

Beyond that there is nothing to say except that this film will move you.

See it.

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