Sunday, March 26, 2023

SICK OF MYSELF (2022) Boston Underground Film Festival

Narcissistic woman insists on one uping her equally self-absorbed and on the rise artist boyfriend in an effort to get more attention. As the game of one upmanship escalates to takes some unexpected and disturbing turns.

Pitch black comedy is going to be a laugh right for anyone who likes uncomfortable humor or who takes delight at the pain of others. However while this film has characters you really dislike at its center, you kind of feel bad for the boneheads since what happens to them is really unpleasant.

A pitch perfect commentary on the YouTube and Tic Tok generation particularly those whose lives are so incredibly empty that they do stupid stuff just to get noticed and feel loved by people who wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire (They’d just film them), SICK OF MYSELF is a film for today.

I liked the film but honestly, I was done about half way in. There is only so much pain and unlikable people I can take.

Worth a look for those who enjoy that  sort of a thing.

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