Sunday, March 5, 2023


When war breaks out in Syria Dounia and her family must flee the country if they want to be safe.

Forgive me for being pointed in the recounting of the plot, but it is closer to what the film is than the official descriptions which talk about the young girl on a mythic journey at behest of a princess (the girls late mother).  I'm telling it that way so that anyone wanders into the film knows what they are getting.

This is a truly beautiful film about war and how it's seen by a small child. Yes it is mythic in it's telling but it also doesn't shy away too much from the harsh realities of war. I was entranced by the the film. The characters are charming and the visuals are gorgeous. This is a film that shows a great deal of love and magic in it's making. 

As much as I love the film I;m not always certain the magical and reality always mesh perfectly. A couple of turns  are much too neat for words which keep me from being absolutely over the moon about the film. I say this as some one who absolutely love many of the sequences in the film to the point I am cursing not being able to get to the NYICFF screening to see them on a big screen.

Worth a look for anyone who wants to see a good story out of Syria that isn't all death and destruction.

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