Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Titina (2022) NYICFF 2023

The story of Titina, the dog who traveled with Umberto Nobile in his two trips to the north pole via airship.

Visually  arresting film looks like a mix of Chuck Jones, Sylvain Chomet and Italian Brutalism. It’s a film that delights the eye in every shot and has some of the most dropping sequences you’ll see all year (The trippy penguins and the whale). I am so glad I saw his on a big screen because despite seeing some of this on line, seeing it big just blew me out of the water.

As a film on it’s own terms TITINA is pretty good. While the narrative tries to do too much, it still manages to hang together by remaining focused on the POV of the puppy himself. It also gets points in my book by not sugar coating that people died on the expeditions.

As history the film is a mess. Knowing the story of the expeditions, TITINA fudges a great deal. Details are softened or not addressed and bits are made up, Nobile seeing Amundson’s rescue plane and not signaling it for example. I mention this because too many people think the movies are gospel truth and in this case its not the case. (If you want a film closer to the truth see THE RED TENT)

Regardless this is so viusally amazing that if you can remember this isn't wholly true this is a good time at the movies that will occasionally blow your mind.

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