Monday, March 6, 2023

Green Perfume (2022) Rendezvous WIth French Cinema 2023

During a performance one of the actors collapses. As his friend leans in to try and help the actor says that he was murdered adding cryptically "The Green Perfume". This sets the friend, and a lovely cartoonist he meets along the way,  on a mad chase to try and sort out what happened, why, and to discover what or who The Green Perfume is.

Charming throw back to the lighter Hitchcock films or the charming ones that he inspired (CHARADE) is the sort of film they don'e make any more. Or more to the point they don't make well any more. I say that because it's rare that we get a film  of this sort that doesn't over do everything ten times bigger than we need it to be. Here the focus is firmly on the the characters and we are better for it. Sure there is the quest for answers,  but that's just an excuse for a couple to meet and fall in love and get shot at.

What a deliriously grand time at the movies this is. I had a blast. Twenty minutes in I had to run out and get myself a big huge bowl of popcorn because this is that sort of a film- a popcorn munching joy machine.

Is this as great as the films it's modeled on? Great no. Good yes. This is the perfect film to go see and forget about the world for 100 minutes. It's so good that I want to add it to my collection.

Highly recommended for anyone who wants a smile producing escape.

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