Thursday, March 9, 2023

I Got A Monster (2022)

This is a look at the  Gun Trace Task Force in Baltimore. The group ran rough shod over the city with no oversight and became a group of criminals in their own right. Focusing on Wayne Jenkins, the groups leader, it paints a damning portrait of a police force out of control.

While this is a hell of a story, so much so it's the source  of other docs, TV shows and narrative, this presentation could use a little sprucing up. The problem with the film is entirely with the organization of the material, specifically the film doesn't explain enough. The problem is the film assumes you are somewhat up to speed on things at the start and as the film starts it just jumps into the deep end and goes. While I could follow along, little is explained and details are left out. For example we aren't told what the Gun Trace Task Force was and where it came from or why.  Time frames aren't clear. I understood what the story was but I felt like there was a more I should have been told. 

I liked the film because the story is so compelling  but was disappointed because I felt I should have been told more.

While not bad, it should have been better

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